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Welcome, I am so glad you are here...

In your health and healing journey perhaps you can relate to these common challenges:


  • You thought finally this week you would make a little time for yourself to bask in the wild bliss of your true nature but realized (again) that you are over scheduled with work meetings and kid activities and you forgot to schedule time for yourself.


  • You get so tired and busy that eating becomes just another thing on your to-do list that you barely find time for between work and your endless list of errands, unless it's hitting up the grab-and-go section of Whole Foods (or maybe the drive through).


  • Your thoughts and feelings about your body are HEAVY. Most days you find yourself counting your calories instead of counting your blessings.


  • Cooking healthy food sounds enticing while you peruse Pinterest, but once you think of gathering the ingredients, and finding your way into your kitchen, you are familiarly overwhelmed and you decide you would rather eat popcorn on the couch.


My guiding philosophy is simple: When it comes to your relationship to food and your body, the way out is in. I know it may seem little intimidating, perhaps you need an inner GPS?

I will help you learn to navigate your way inward. By tuning in to your innate guidance system, you will get to know your body's unique ecology, and learn to listen, trust and respect its wisdom, no matter where you are starting from.

In this 6 month journey you will be guided through specific signposts and strategies, where we work intimately to align your inner desires with your outer actions.

With my skillful support and all the resources and reflections you need, together we will craft the most harmonious and healthful life for you  –– the one that you deeply yearn to live.


You are not alone

So many women struggle to balance life's demands with all they want for their health and happiness.

In The Yoga Of Eating, we will work intimately together to create a customized and collaborative health and happiness recipe for you, while practicing potent teachings that will support you growing into your innate strength, clarity, and wisdom.

I will share with you my methodology and resources that have served and supported thousands of women with whom I have worked. This includes science and psychology based content, potent and wise guest teachers, reflective resources, restorative recipes, age old yogic wisdom and a wide array of supportive practices and tools.

I am Sue Van Raes

And I am devoted to healing the feminine through food, mind-body connection and pleasure... one meal at a time.

I am a functional nutritionist, food psychology specialist, health writer and researcher, yoga scholar, and the founder of Boulder Nutrition.

Over the past 18 years, I have guided thousands of women into a more balanced, empowered and pleasurable relationship to food, body and health. I love sharing what I live and teach… an exciting fusion of my work as a nutritional therapist, food psychology specialist and yogini.

I am here to remind you that everything you need is already within you. Your relationship to yourself is the most important relationship you have. The Yoga of Eating is a supportive, sacred space and community in which to practice self-reflection and self-guidance.

Praise For The Yoga Of Eating

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Sue provides a cornucopia of inspiration, advice, and information that can transform your life  and your health.

 Dr. Christiane Northrup, M.D. - OB/GYN and author of the New York Times best sellers: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom and The Wisdom of Menopause

Marc David

Sue Van Raes has taken on a beautiful mission - to help heal the feminine when it comes to food, body, and soul. Sue provides a wonderful gathering of resources, information, wisdom and story that touches the heart and reminds us that the journey of the feminine is unique, special and powerful. The simple and practical insights that Sue offers are a great distillation of some of the more useful health principles of our time. This work is honest, heartfelt, and much needed.

Felicia Tomaskso

We all need an owner’s manual to our own bodies. Sue Van Raes offers us just that. It is as though Van Raes is a trusted girlfriend, sharing secrets to health over a cup of comforting herbal tea, Sue offers what many of us have been looking for to provide the suggestions to reboot our own lives. I learned many key lessons from this work and look forward to sharing it with my students and clients.

Sara Avant Stover

Sue Van Raes deepens our conversation on women’s health and happiness, leaving us more empowered and spiritually connected in our daily lives. Sue offers a dynamic approach to healing the feminine through food, mind-body connection and intuition. This is an important work for women of our time!

Charley Cropley, N.D.

I have known Sue since she first began her education in nutrition. We shared an office for several years and I have watched her grow into an ever more wise, kind human being, practitioner and teacher. She understands the causes of illness and suffering and is skilled in guiding women back to Health. Sue’s ways of living, her work and her book are one. That is about as good a compliment as I can pay anyone.

What you will learn:

"This is not a one-way approach to change, but a customized collaboration between you and me."

Module 1 :: Build Your Foundation

  • Create your acred space:  Prepare, Vision, Set Intention.
  • Learn the foundations of Authentic Eating.
  • Set yourself up for success.

Module 2 :: Self-Study

  • Witness, watch, listen and reveal through presence and mindfulness.
  • Experience personal reflection and the art of self study.
  • Create a safe space for yourself and your insights to emerge.

Module 3 :: Find Your Fluid Truth

  • Investigate your connection between personal fulfillment and food.
  • Invite your body to become your ally.
  • Connect to your inner rhythms of body and earth.
  • Honor your body and all her cycles.

Module 4 :: Raise Your Vibration

  • Explore the science super-foods.
  • Customize your eating with your life.
  • Become a super-heroine in your own life and in your eating.
  • Ascend into your greatness and your unique super powers.

Module 5 :: Love Your Body, Love Yourself

  • Embark on 'Body Positive' living and eating.
  • Practice ritualized eating (sadhana).
  • Create food practices that sustain you.
  • Embrace your feminine nature in eating and living.

Module 6 :: Let Pleasure Heal

  • Celebrate your eating.
  • Awaken your inner Aphrodite (mmmhmm).
  • Supplement your vitamin P (pleasure).
  • Practice the art of sensual eating.

Live Your Luscious Life

"Together let's blaze a trail built upon connecting with your inner rhythm and nourishing yourself wisely with love."

I know you want to improve your relationship to food and your body through self-care practices that nourish you from the inside out. I know you want to overcome emotional eating by developing an intimate partnership with your mind and body.

I know you want to remember your power in the way you create intention and pleasure in life and in your health.

The Yoga of Eating is a supportive system that will guide you through the tried and true practices that shift, transform, engage, and inspire you to remember how to celebrate your eating and your life.

The Yoga of Eating is an innovative and soulful approach to healing and health. This dynamic combination of Nutritional Therapy, Food Psychology , The Science of Self-Care, Ritual and Reflection, Yoga Philosophy and Embodiment Practices meets the current issues we face in our world as women seeking to bring back the sacred in our lives and our bodies.

Your Program Includes...

Functional nutrition and food Psychology +

Each module is complete with user friendly, practical and inspiring content to guide you on your way home – back to yourself and back to the health practices that are sustainable and transformative.

Our content is infused with holistic nutrition practices, food psychology insights, yogic philosophy, strategic science, self-care and so much more.

Our Guest Teachers +

I have circled in some of my favorites guest teachers from all over the country, so you’ll get their unique, fresh, wise, and ultra-valuable perspectives to inspire your process. They’ll each join us for spectacular online sessions – to share the specialized tools for transformation with you in their areas of expertise.

Engaging Support +

You will be tended to, supported, loved, and listened to with the support of our team at Boulder Nutrition. Expect some special bonuses, and regular check-ins from yours truly (and my team).

Yoga Sessions (all levels) +

Yoga and yogic philosophy is an integral part of the The Yoga of Eating program. With each module you will receive guided practices to support your home practice on the mat and in your life. Each guided yoga session  will specifically increase your body awareness through breath, mantra, intention, and asana (postures) so that your mind-body connection is heightened and inspired as well as your love for moving your body and connecting with your heart. The Yoga of Eating yoga sessions are designed for ALL LEVELS.

Mindfulness Meditations +

Each month we will release a new a guided meditation that is perfectly matched to the theme of each module. You can practice this soulfully guided meditation to enhance your mind-body connection, heighten your interoceptive awareness in your eating practices and your subtle body, while finding  deeper relaxation and love for yourself.

These meditations are designed for all levels of experience.

Ready to Use Resources and Reflection Sheets +

Enhance your personal inquiry with these user friendly home reflections and rituals. These offerings provide you with all the resources you need to reconnect with your inner world. These comprise a complete library of support I have created over the years, and now share with you. Your access is unlimited, and you will find that having some handy resources and engaging reflection sheets will help you to integrate and incarnate this journey more fully.

Compassionate Community + Conversation +

Community and connection is sacred in a woman’s life.  Many of us long for community, to create a relationship to the feminine and other women, but feel it’s painfully missing from our lives. Whatever your experience has been up until now, you will find your own unique support, and connection within a virtual sisterhood through our online community platforms.

Potent Private Sessions +

When you sign up for The Yoga of Eating you will receive a 25% discount off private sessions. Make sure you take advantage of this bonus and take your health and healing to the next level with intimate and caring customized support. This is a personalized intimate connection between you and I. I listen to your unique relationship with food, your health history and goals, and together we create a dynamic approach to your empowered eating.

Restorative Recipes +

I have put together a wonderful restorative and nourishing collection of recipes, tonics, super foods and kitchen love for you to explore.  Whole food, gluten free, adaptable recipes that will re-inspire your creativity in the kitchen and pamper your palate in the process.  Here, we will also feature our special guests and some of their unique contributions to our recipe repertoire.

Your Guest Teachers

I am so honored and excited to introduce you to your guest teachers...

Personal Stories From Our Participants

By Hope

“I began working with Sue in her program, and she taught me balance and pleasure. Now I eat what my body needs as well as what I want. I continue to exercise, but only doing the activities I truly love and that make me feel good. Life is no longer a disciplined obligation”

By Jessica

“Over the course of our time together, I learned how to drop into myself, become more aware and in the moment and how to have more authentic relationships with women. I had time to take time for me as well as time for rejuvenation, rest and relaxation.

By Patty

"I have been very happy working with Sue. I  love the fact that Sue is realistic in helping her clients - she doesn't use absolutes - she really identifies what will work for you - not what will work for everyone/anyone. Sue emphasizes personalized consulting.

By Star

"I have been working with Sue in her program, experiencing a new refreshing way of looking at my diet. For the first time ever, I did a cleanse with her guidance that helped me get my mind and body back into balance. I have learned more ways to provide protein into my vegetarian meals and I have worked with her guidance on making changes to my peripheral behaviors, allowing me to feel supported in my emotional well being and making it more possible to choose healthy eating habits over emotional eating habits"

Ready to Review?

  • A lifetime membership to The Yoga of Eating.
  • Living practices and resources you will inherit forever.
  • Women-centric healing, health and wholeness.
  • The Art of Sacred Self-Care ~ tailored just for you.
  • Alignment with your feminine rhythym – body and earth.
  • Ritual, Reflection, and Resources.
  • Monthly Inspiring Virtual and Digital Support.
  • Guest Teachers: Experts and specialists from all over the Country.
  • Whole Food Nourishing Recipes and Tonics for your health.
  • Loving support and accountability.

Join The Yoga Of Eating

Only you can say yes to a commitment that will transform your life in extraordinary ways. After all, you are your own advocate for your health, self-care, and personal evolution. If you feel a yearning yes in your body, I encourage you to listen to it.  This is your time sister.  Come join us.


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6 payments of



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When do we start? +

You can begin any time, once you complete your registration. With your life time membership, this dynamic and evolving program will always be at your fingertips . The Yoga of Eating is recommended as a 6 month program (one module per month) and then continue with your lifetime membership and support.

What is The Yoga of Eating? +

The Yoga of Eating is a transformative 6 month online course  for women (with an added life time membership) incorporating functional nutrition, nutritional therapy, food psychology, yoga, meditation, mind-body connection and pleasure.

Who is this program suited for? +

This program is suited for women who are feeling ready to make a shift in their relationship with food, to ignite their feminine intuition, and find their power in their relationship with food and their body. There is no need for experience in yoga or meditation. This program is geared for women of all ages, and all levels of practice.

Why did you create The Yoga of Eating for women? +

I created The Yoga of Eating to live out my personal purpose and contribute to a major shift around women, food, mind-body connection and pleasure. I want to reach to women all over the world creating more momentum in the collective healing for what I consider to be one of the most complex and prevalent issues of our time.

I am so busy; will I be able to keep up? +

You will receive a lifetime membership to this program. You can move at your own pace through the material. I carefully designed the modules to make them manageable, engaging, and do-able in a busy day-to-day life.

Do I have to give up my favorite foods? +

No! I am not one to create more restriction and more rules. I live by the yogic philosophy that when we add the right ingredients into our lives (and our plates), the other stuff tends to fall away on its own. Your transformation is one unique to you, to your own needs, and desires.

How is this different from other programs out there? +

The Yoga of Eating is a mind-body eating program that turns you back to yourself. You will be guided to remember how to listen and trust your body’s own wisdom. Most eating programs are geared to restrict, count calories, and limit your pleasure with your eating, relying of sheer will power and restriction. The Yoga of Eating is not that. In this program you will learn to eat intuitively, trust your body, and remember your innate desire for health and happiness.

Will I lose weight? +

This is not a weight loss program and most often when we improve our relationship to food and our bodies, extra pounds tend to fall away. When we apply some of the age-old principles of holistic nutrition and whole food eating, our bodies are happy and we can release unwanted weight quickly and easily

I am here for you...

With Love


Thanks so much for exploring The Yoga Of Eating.  

I feel so devoted to your unique transformation and delivering you all you need to feel strong, empowered and embodied in your personal journey and health.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to me directly ([email protected]) and I would be happy to talk with you.

With So Much Love




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